Dental Bridges in Frisco, TX

Advantages You Should Be Aware of Before Getting Dental Bridges

Dental bridges are named because of their ability to bridge the gaps between missing teeth. If you have spaces within your smile, this connection can get used to close the area. Afterward, it will appear that all of your teeth are healthy and unimpaired. This replacement is well-known because it restores the attractiveness of your smile and the functional aspects also.

Many people arrive at our office seeking dental bridges near me. They may feel embarrassed about their teeth and are unhappy about their diminished appearance. At Tracey Dental, we provide our patients with restored confidence because we understand what can be done with our advanced dental treatments. If you want assistance from the most reliable team in Frisco, our office is your trusted choice.

Dental Bridges Bring Smile Restoration

Dental replacements are often promoted for patients that have lost teeth but want to rebuild their smile. Dental bridges near me is vital even when the missing tooth has occurred in the back of your mouth. If you feel happy about the condition of your grin, you will flash your teeth more often and see improvement in the quality of your life. Plus, it is one of the quickest tooth replacement options, which allows you to see immediate results.

Dental Bridges Improve Speaking and Chewing

When you have a missing tooth, you may notice that your teeth have shifted and become misaligned. If this has not happened yet, there is a strong possibility that it could occur. This uneven change within your teeth can cause problems with your ability to speak and eat. The people around you will struggle to understand what you are saying, and your health can decline without the proper nourishment. It will take dental bridges near me to enjoy your food with ease and increase the clarity of your speech.

Dental Bridges Maintain the Natural Shape of Your Face

You may not think that much damage can occur if you lose one or two teeth, but your jawbone can deteriorate under any area where there is a gap. It is essential that the gum area still gets stimulated even where a tooth is missing. Without something located within that place, your jawbone will weaken and cause a change in your appearance. To prevent this sunken or depleted look, contact Dr. Long about getting a dental bridge.

We know that there are many reasons why you could have missing teeth. Accidents, gum disease, cancer treatments, or more are all possible ways that you incurred gaps within your smile. Due to the variations of what may have happened, Dr. Long creates an individualized plan for each person he treats. He listens to your story and learns what you hope to gain. In the end, you will be more satisfied with the results you achieve with our practice. Reach out to schedule your appointment today.