Dental Veneers Near Me in McKinney, TX

Consider getting dental veneers if you want to improve the appearance of your teeth and improve your smile. These are a popular choice for many people, and the procedure is relatively simple. We have worked with many local patients who have taken advantage of them at Tracey Dental in McKinney, TX, and we would be happy to provide you with more information.

What are the benefits of dental veneers?

In addition to looking for "dental veneers near me," you may be wondering why you should consider veneers at all. Many people have teeth that are imperfect in some way. Teeth can become discolored, worn down, chipped, broken, or misaligned. Damaged teeth can happen naturally or gradually or occur due to an impact. Dental veneers can be used to conceal flaws in any of these situations. Veneers cover the front surface of your teeth, look natural, and are simple to maintain. They can last long, making sense for many of our Tracey Dental patients.

How Does the Procedure Work?

A little preparation work is usually required ahead of time for veneers to be correctly placed on your teeth. There's no need to be concerned because this is all very routine. We'll need to take an impression of your teeth as one of the steps. That way, we can have veneers custom-made to fit you perfectly.

After we prep your teeth and ensure they're clean and ready for the veneers, we'll use special dental cement to bind the veneers to your teeth. This cement is hardened safely and carefully using ultraviolet light. After you leave, you should be able to resume your regular routine.

Depending on how things go, we suggest you return in a few weeks for a follow-up visit. This way, we can ensure that everything is correctly adhered to and looks good.

Make Your Appointment

Tracey Dental in McKinney, TX, is ready to assist our patients. Dr. Dorian Long and the rest of our team take pride in our work, and you'll find our office warm and welcoming. We are available Monday through Friday and by appointment on Saturdays. We'll schedule a consultation with Dr. Dorian as soon as possible, and please feel free to contact us with any questions. Your search for "dental veneers near me" can be put to rest by contacting our office.