Dentures Near Me in Fairview

If you've lost some of your teeth, you might be looking for a solution that can restore your smile. Getting dentures is an option to pursue if you'd like to have a full set of teeth again. At Tracey Dental, Dr. Dorian Long and our caring staff have worked with a variety of local patients from Fairview, TX who have needed this type of dental treatment. We've been able to give our personal attention to each of these patients and have made them feel welcomed in our office, which is conveniently located in McKinney.

Dentures Can Be a Great Solution

This type of treatment can potentially solve a lot of issues. When you have several missing teeth or have lost all of your teeth, you may be more self-conscious, especially when being asked to smile or when meeting new people. Having a full set of teeth, even though they might not be natural, can restore your confidence. In addition, missing teeth can affect how you bite food, chew things, and pronounce certain words. Getting false teeth can hopefully remedy the potential concerns regarding those daily activities.

Dental implants can also take the place of natural teeth, but not everyone would be a good candidate for receiving an implant. Dentures work for many people, and they might be ideal for you.

These dental items are easy to care for. Dr. Long can provide you with instructions as to how you can clean your set, but in general, we recommend that you clean them with a denture brush that has soft bristles that will be gentle on them. There are special dental cleaners that can be used. Just be sure to avoid using regular toothpaste, which can be a bit abrasive on these types of false teeth. Also avoid bleach, which can whiten certain parts of your dental work and make them look unnatural. There are some types of ultrasonic cleaners to consider, too.

Types of Dentures Near Me

Dentures can be partial or complete. These names are pretty self-explanatory. A complete set would take the place of your entire set of teeth, and a partial set would just replace some of your teeth. A partial set can be important for keeping your natural teeth from shifting, and it may have a metal framework that's used to hold it in place. In regards to a complete set, there can either be conventional or immediate dentures. Immediate ones are used right after teeth have been removed, and conventional ones are used a few months after teeth have been removed. This gives the gum tissue time to heal.

Finding Dentures Near Me

If you think you'd benefit from this dental treatment, Dr. Long is ready to help you. Call our office to schedule an appointment.