Your First Visit

At your first visit with Tracey Dental, you can expect to receive exceptional care. Your comfort and satisfaction are of the utmost importance. Dr. Long designed his practice to ensure your first appointment and every appointment after is comfortable and relaxing.

At your first visit, you will first meet with our experienced front office team members. They will give you all of the pertinent information needed to fill out. If you are able to fill this paperwork out prior to your visit, great! If not, that’s okay too.

Our financial coordinator will have verified your insurance coverage prior to your appointment, so should you have any questions regarding your coverage and benefits, our financial coordinator can help you right away!

After you have been checked in, you will then be greeted by our dental assistant. She will review your medical history and take a variety of x-rays and photos. These x-rays are necessary as they show a lot of what is happening under your gums and between your teeth. The photos are needed to take pictures of your teeth that are above the surface. A common misconception is that all of the radiographs taken are exposing you to lots of radiation. This is untrue. Our state-of-the-art technology and equipment were designed to reduce radiation. In fact, you are exposed to more radiation standing outside in the sun than you are when having these x-rays taken.

Once our dental assistant has taken all of the x-rays and photos, you will then meet with Dr. Long. He will conduct a thorough exam of your oral health. He will also perform a cancer screening as a courtesy to all of his patients. After the exam, he will discuss different treatment options, should you need any. He will also be able to tell what type of cleaning you may need.

Another misconception is that a “basic” cleaning applies to every patient. This is untrue. 1/3rd of the population is diagnosed with Periodontal disease, which means they need a deeper cleaning below the gum line. Patients that have been diagnosed with Periodontal disease are not eligible for a “basic” cleaning.

At times, depending on the type of cleaning needed, we will perform the cleaning that day or bring you back at another time.

Once you have a treatment plan created, our financial coordinator will then step in and review your treatment and financial options. This is a great time to discuss any questions you have regarding insurance or payment plans.

You can expect your first appointment to last about an hour and 15 minutes. We truly care about out patients and see them as an extension of our family, so we take our time to create the best treatment plan possible.

If you have any questions, feel free to call the office. We look forward to visiting with you!

Your First Visit

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