Receive Beautiful Dental Bridges in Fairview, TX

A gorgeous smile can brighten up a room. When you have a nice smile, you’re more likely to show it off. Contrarily, having to hide your smile can be harmful to both your confidence and social life. 

Over time, your mouth becomes more vulnerable to damage due to general wear and tear. In some instances, you can experience physical trauma that causes broken or missing teeth. When this occurs, you need the perfect solution to improve your oral health. 

As dental care evolves, people of varying ages are depending on dental bridges to achieve the smile of their dreams. Dental bridges are great for filling gaps in your mouth due to one or more missing teeth. Allowing your gaps to persist otherwise leads to the misplacement of the surrounding teeth, so you want to get help immediately after breaking or losing one of your teeth. 

If you’re in the Texas area and want to invest in a well-respected dental office, Tracey Dental is the best option when searching for dental bridges near me. Allowing their professionals to provide bridges for you will help you improve your confidence and overall oral health. 

What Happens During a Procedure for Dental Bridges?

Patients who have never had a restorative procedure like dental bridges may be nervous about the process. To start, you’ll have a consultation reviewing your dental health as well as your expectations. X-rays are usually taken of your current teeth to better create your bridges. 

Depending on your current teeth surrounding the missing holes, you have multiple dental bridge options. Once you have chosen the ideal solution, your dental care professional makes an impression for your final product. Usually, you’ll have a temporary bridge inserted while your permanent bridges are created in a dental lab. 

From there, you’ll have the base of your bridge inserted by Dr. Long. Once you’ve healed and have the proper bite, your dental professional will place and cement your bridge so it permanently remains in place. 

Finding Excellent Dental Bridges Near Me 

Having the perfect smile is beneficial. However, having professional bridges installed also assists with practical functions like eating and speaking. When installed correctly, you can preserve your smile and maintain top-tier oral health. 

Where you get your bridges done plays a huge role in the quality. There's no harm in searching for dental bridges near me, but it's good to know who provides the best services. 

Tracey Dental is known for both their dental innovation and their treatment of customers. They provide a professional and comfortable environment for patients of all demographics. Contact them for an appointment today.