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Updates from Tracey Dental/Featuring Charlotte

What Charlotte has been doing to pass the time :)

Brush in 60 Seconds: Dental Calculus Remover

This product can be bought on Amazon. It is advertised as a dental calculus remover. I try it out for the first time!

Brush in 60 Seconds: Swish, Act and Listerine Mouthwash

A few popular mouthwashes put to the test.

Brush in 60 Seconds: Waterpik water flosser

Dentist tries waterpik for the first time. This was interesting to say the least :)

Brush in 60 Seconds: Activated Charcoal Toothpaste

Crest, Colgate, Hello, and Laguna Moon Charcoal toothpaste. Are they really worth it? Dentist tries for the first time :)

DenTEK: Dental Mouth Guard

Over the counter vs Custom Night Guards. Dentist tries for first time

Smile Spa- Smile Direct Club

Smile Spa™ Ultrasonic and UV Cleaning Machine. Dentist Tries for first time!

2021 February Updates

Just a short updates in regards to what's going on at Tracey Dental. Stay safe. We'll be here when its over :)

Brush in 60 Seconds: Biotene and ACT products for Dry Mouth

Dry mouth? Xerostomia? I try over-the-counter products such as Biotene Oral Rinse, Biotene moisturizing spray, and ACT dry mouth lozenges.

Brush in 60 Seconds: Electric Toothbrushes

We try electric toothbrushes with @LadyxGemini. Oral B Pulsar Whitening, Colgate 360, Colgate 360 Advance Charcoal, Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Pro Clean

Brush in 60 Seconds: Listerine Breath Strips vs. Breath Spray (CVS)

We are at it again. We try and compare Listerine Breath Strips and CVS Breath Spray.

Brush in 60 Seconds: Toothpaste

We try out popular toothpaste brands such as Colgate Optic White, Crest 3D White, and Sensodyne Pronamel. See our thoughts on which is best!

Brush in 60 Seconds: Orajel

Orajel. A common over the counter product used oral pain relief. Does it really give temporary relief to tooth and gum pain? We try it out and give you our thoughts!

Brush in 60 Seconds: Tongue Scraper

Did you know bad breath can come from not removing plaque and bacteria from your tongue? We try the Orabrush Tongue scraper!

Brush in 60 Seconds: Bottled Water

Drinking water is good for your teeth because it keeps your mouth clean! Plaque can't build up in a clean, hydrated mouth. I try different bottles of water with different ranges in pH. I try Smart Water, Body Amor, Icelandic Glacial, and Essentia.

Brush in 60 Seconds: Three Sided Toothbrush??!

We try the Triple Bristle Sonic Go electric toothbrush!

Brush in 60 Seconds: Plaque Indicator Test!

We use a plaque indicator test to see how well we brush our teeth!

Brush in 60 Seconds: AutoBrush

We try the AutoBrush for the first time! A devices that instantly cleans your teeth in seconds!

Brush in 60 Seconds: Toothpaste Tablets

We try Simplut toothpaste tablets. An alternative to the traditional toothpaste.

Brush in 60 Seconds: 3 Tips Before Going Under the Mistletoe!

3 Types from your Dentist before going under the mistletoe!

Tracey Dental: Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas from Tracey Dental!

Tracey Dental: Happy New Year

Happy New Years from Tracey Dental

Top 3 Halloween Candy

My top 3 favorite chocolate candy.

5 Workouts For Dentist

If you are a Dentist, or Dentist to be, you want to hit these 5 workouts on the regular... :)


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