Dental Implants in Prosper, TX

Why Dental Implants Are a Popular Choice for Tooth Replacement

After getting an extraction, you may not think you need to replace your missing tooth. Yet, the areas that surround the space will start to degenerate and weaken if nothing is placed there for support. In fact, your jawbone can get smaller in size, lose density, and lead to multiple problems within your mouth. To prevent this, strengthen your mouth with a tooth replacement, like a dental implant.

When you come to Tracey Dental to remove one or more teeth, you can choose from multiple replacement options that are advantageous to your oral health. You may already be familiar with dental bridges and dentures, but here are reasons why dental implants can be a beneficial and popular choice.

Dental Implants Can Lower the Chance of Gum Disease

Periodontitis is an infection that damages gums and can weaken the jawbone. To prevent this from happening, it helps to regularly brush your teeth, which removes plaque and food debris trapped between your teeth and gums. When you have lost a tooth or have it removed, the empty socket can get exposed to bacteria and allow it to enter your gums. From there, you may notice inflamed tissue within your mouth that can be painful and damaging to your oral health.

Although dentures and dental bridges are helpful, they often have difficult-to-reach areas where bacteria can accumulate. But, when you want a better solution, getting dental implants near me by Dr. Long can be the best decision. Once the insert has healed, the socket is no longer exposed, and you will have an easier time cleaning your teeth and gums.

Early Aging and Facial Sagging Can Be Prevented by Dental Implants

The bone deterioration that comes from missing teeth can also cause facial drooping. You will notice a difference in your face as the lower part starts to sag. Along with this, you will have additional wrinkles around your mouth, thinner lips, and a pointy chin. As time goes on, you will appear more tired and older than you really are.

If you are wondering about dental implants near me, you should understand that they are beneficial at any age once tooth development and facial growth are complete.

Before making decisions about having your natural teeth replaced, speak with Dr. Long at Tracey Dental. He will review your circumstances and suggest the best alternative for your particular situation. In many cases, getting dental implants near me is your best option. They can improve your oral health in ways that you may not get with other replacement options.

Contact us right away to schedule your appointment for dental implants or a different dental need. We are excited to help patients in Prosper, TX, and the surrounding areas.