Quality Dental Sealants in McKinney, Texas

Is having beautiful teeth important to you? Of course, keeping up with your oral health can be an easy process for a while. However, general wear and tear over the years will allow some levels of buildup to appear on your teeth. 

Although you may brush and floss on a regular basis, it’s impossible to rid your mouth of every lingering particle of bacteria. It’s especially hard to get rid of buildup on your back teeth, even with regular maintenance. 

Fortunately, there is a simple solution to avoid the buildup that causes tooth decay and discoloration. Dental sealants are a great and simple solution for enamel preservation. With the sealants, plaque cannot penetrate your teeth, which allows your teeth to remain whiter for years. 

If you’re a Prosper, TX resident that has ever been interested in dental sealants and recently searched for dental sealants near me, Tracey Dental is the office that can provide this service. 

Dental Sealants Appointment Expectations

If this is your first time getting your enamel sealed and you have some reservations about how the process works, you’re in good hands. This is a painless process that can be done in one appointment by Dr. Long at Tracey Dental. 

To start, your teeth will be thoroughly cleaned and dried by Dr. Long. Once dried, an acidic solution will be applied to help the plastic’s bondage process. Finally, Dr. Long will paint the sealant onto the surfaces of your teeth. In some cases, you may have your sealant hardened by a curing light. 

If maintained properly, this sealant will last for around 10 years. When you have your regular dental cleanings, Dr. Long will provide additional cleaning to help you preserve the effects of your sealants. This solution only makes it difficult for bacteria and plaque to penetrate your teeth, so you will still have to regularly brush and floss. 

Sealants can be applied to anyone, regardless of age. Whether you’re trying to protect healthy teeth from damage or have recently had restorative dental work that you want to last, you may be a qualifying candidate for this noninvasive dental treatment. 

Finding Premium Dental Sealants Near Me

From now on, avoid damaging your smile with abrasive over-the-counter whitening solutions to keep teeth from wearing down. Dr. Long can apply an enamel sealant to your teeth. 

When you search for dental sealants near me, choose Tracey Dental. Set up an appointment and have other inquiries answered by visiting Dr. Long today.