Dental Veneers in Frisco, TX

Improving Confidence With Dental Veneers Near Me

Your smile is an important part of maintaining a high level of self-confidence. If your smile is not as perfect as you would like, you can discuss getting dental veneers with Dr. Long. The use of porcelain and resin veneers is an effective and fast-acting remedy for chipped and misaligned teeth. Dr. Long will take you through the process of what to expect during the installation of your veneers.

What to Expect From Dental Veneers

From the moment you search for dental veneers near me online to the completion of the process, you will be concerned about what to expect. The first thing to know is you will usually need two appointments to install your veneers. Dr. Long will remove a small amount of enamel from the teeth identified as needing repair. Temporary veneers will be installed after an imprint is taken of your smile to allow our lab to make your veneers fit perfectly.

Why Choose Dental Veneers Near Me

When you arrive at our dental office to discuss getting repairs to your teeth and smile, you may not have considered the use of veneers. If you have chipped teeth or gaps in your smile, dental veneers could be your top option. When you are considering the aesthetic appearance of your teeth, the use of veneers can hide several problems. The imprint of your teeth taken by Dr. Long will help our lab to create porcelain veneers that replicate the color and contours of your teeth. The skill of Dr. Long comes into play when your veneers are being positioned. To provide you with a smile to be proud of, Dr. Long will sculpt your veneers to match the natural teeth that will remain in place.

Dental Veneers Are a Quick and Long-Lasting Fix

After your dental veneers are positioned, you will find you no longer need to whiten your teeth. Regular teeth whitening can be expensive and time-consuming. Veneers offer a stain-resistant option for our patients. Drinking coffee and red wine will not stain your veneers, so you can enjoy these drinks without worry. The long-lasting nature of veneers means they can survive between 10 and 15 years. The use of dental veneers near me can act as a preventative form of dentistry that limits the need for other treatments.

When you are ready to discuss the benefits of dental veneers near me, contact us at Tracey Dental in Frisco, TX, to learn about our success with this minimally invasive procedure.