Root Canal Therapy in Fairview, TX

A root canal may be the answer you're looking for if one of your teeth is giving you problems. The skilled staff at Tracey Dental in Fairview, Texas, handles this routine operation. Dr. Dorian Long and his team are committed to treating patients with care and accuracy while making them feel at ease throughout their appointments. The purpose of root canal therapy is to relieve pain and support the strength and health of your teeth.

Understanding the Need for Root Canal Therapy

It's crucial to comprehend the structure of a tooth to understand why a root canal can be suggested. The pulp is a softcore inside the tooth beneath the apparent enamel and crown. This pulp, which extends from below the crown to just below the jawbone, is made up of blood vessels, connective tissue, and nerves. The pulp is kept in the root canals found in the bone. Unfortunately, this area is vulnerable to bacterial infection, tooth decay, and physical trauma, which can result in pain, bone loss, and even tooth loss.

Symptoms of a Need for Root Canal Therapy

It's crucial to find local root canal therapy if you have any of the following symptoms:

  • Gum or tooth pain
  • A swollen gum
  • sensitivity to variations in temperature
  • around the face or neck swelling

How a Root Canal is Performed

Find a nearby endodontist like Dr. Long at Tracey Dental if you have any of these signs and symptoms. A local anesthetic will be applied during the session to make the region around the tooth comfortable. After removing the portion of the pulp that has degenerated or become diseased, the surrounding area will be cleansed and flushed. For safety, the root canals might be modified and sealed.

Finding an Endodontist Near Me in Fairview, TX

The staff at Tracey Dental is ready to assist if you're in Fairview, Texas, and need an endodontist or root canal therapy nearby. Please make an appointment with Dr. Long by getting in touch with us right now to start the process of enhancing your dental health.