Root Canal Therapy in Frisco, TX

Root Canal Therapy Near Me in Frisco, TX

Root canal therapy may be helpful if you're experiencing tooth pain. While some treatments may be able to partially lessen a few symptoms, this will not address the cause of the problem for many patients. What's causing a toothache may be a problem related to the root of the tooth. In this case, a root canal procedure may be what's necessary. If you're located in the Frisco area, you can turn to Tracey Dental. Dr. Long and our team are ready to welcome anyone in our area to our practice.

Endodontist Near Me

An endodontist is a specialized dentist that can address issues related to the root of a tooth. You may not know whether you need to see an endodontist or a regular dentist, but we assure you that Dr. Long has experience with this type of procedure. At our practice, we've been able to assist a variety of patients looking for an "endodontist near me." We'd be happy to consult with you and can answer any questions you may have.

Root Canal Therapy

This type of therapy addresses, quite literally, the "root" of the problem. It does involve anesthesia, which means that it might not be any more uncomfortable than some other types of procedures. This therapy is often recommended to our patients who have sensitivity to extreme temperatures, tender or swollen gums, or pain when chewing or biting. This may indicate that there is an inflammation or infection in the soft tissue, also known as the pulp, of the tooth.

The damaged area of the soft tissue needs to be removed; otherwise, the entire tooth could be in danger. After the diseased pulp has been removed, Dr. Long will clean the area and seal up the space. The tooth is then restored with either a crown or filling so that it's stronger and better protected from any further damage.

Benefits of Root Canal Therapy

As mentioned, this therapy can protect your tooth from further damage. While it may be fairly comprehensive, any endodontist would likely agree that it's much less involved than actually removing a damaged or diseased tooth and putting in an artificial one. This therapy can help you maintain your smile as well as enhance your dental health. After you fully recover, which should be relatively quickly, you should be able to eat the foods you enjoy, without experiencing pain or discomfort.

Let us at Tracey Dental know if you've been searching for root canal therapy near me or an endodontist near me. Dr. Long is available to speak with you regarding your situation. Please call us to schedule an appointment.