Root Canal Therapy Near Me

If you are suffering from a persistent toothache, it’s possible you may need root canal therapy. We, at Tracey Dental, understand that the thought of a “root canal” can make the bravest of us feel uneasy, but we would like to reassure you that this virtually painless procedure works to alleviate pain and discomfort rather than cause it. With our gentle approach and the sedation options we offer to keep you comfortable, we’ll help put your fears at ease.

Root Canal Therapy Overview

Unlike what you may have heard, root canal therapy, also known as endodontic treatment, is typically a straightforward procedure that works to relieve dental pain and save a tooth that may otherwise be lost. Saving a tooth can prevent a host of dental problems, which may require involved and costly treatments down the road.

Root canal therapy is necessary if the soft tissue, or pulp, inside your tooth and roots becomes inflamed or infected. There are different reasons a tooth can become damaged. Bacteria from dental decay can reach the pulp and infect it. A traumatic injury can cause inflammation of the pulp. Sometimes the tooth pulp can become inflamed and can die for no apparent reason.

If the inflamed or infected tooth pulp is left untreated, it can lead to complications including severe tooth pain, an abscess, or even tooth loss. Root canal therapy can prevent further damage and preserve your tooth, allowing you to enjoy a healthy, confident smile.

Signs You Need Root Canal Therapy

Signs and symptoms you may need root canal therapy include gum or tooth pain, a bump on your gum indicating an abscess, tenderness, tooth discoloration, or sensitivity to heat or cold. In some cases, you may be in need of root canal treatment but experience no symptoms. That is why it is essential for you to keep up with your routine exams and cleanings twice a year to allow us to identify and treat any condition in its early stages.


The Root Canal Procedure

We will start the procedure with numbing the area using a local anesthetic and will administer sedation as needed to ensure your comfort. Our endodontist will remove the diseased pulp inside the tooth, will clean and sterilize the area, and will seal the space. Following your root canal therapy, you will need a dental crown to strengthen your tooth and to prevent it from fracturing.


Care After a Root Canal

Caring for your tooth after your root canal therapy will not differ from caring for your natural teeth. You will need to brush at least twice a day and floss daily, along with rinsing with antiseptic mouthwash. This will help keep your teeth and gums clean and free of disease. With meticulous dental hygiene, your restored tooth can last a lifetime.


Gentle Root Canal Therapy in McKinney, TX

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