Tooth Colored Restorations in Prosper, TX

Have you been experiencing any tooth pain lately? Do you have any known cavities? A toothache is a common issue for many people of all ages, and a toothache can signify that you may have a cavity. A cavity is basically a hole in your tooth that's caused by decay. One of the most basic ways to handle this issue is to get tooth-colored restoration.

Tooth-colored restoration at Tracey Dental is a viable option thanks to advanced technologies and high-quality dental material. Tooth restoration near me in Prosper, TX should be considered if you're seeking exceptional dental service. Other communities and municipalities in the immediate area can also benefit from services like dentures, cleanings, implants, and veneers. What type of restoration can be expected?

Realistic Tooth Restoration Near Me That's Affordable

Our tooth restorations at Tracey Dental in Prosper, TX isn't a complicated process. The tooth-colored fillings are composed of composite resin, which is mercury-free. Unlike other dental providers that tend to use amalgam-based fillings, our tooth-colored fillings are healthier and much more durable. Amalgam fillings are made up of silver and other harsh metals to treat cavities. Unfortunately, they're prone to crack, and the cracks can fracture your remaining tooth structure.

Tooth restoration is much more suitable because the composite resin is quite strong and will provide seamless visual aesthetics. You will no longer have to feel self-conscious about your teeth while smiling. Comprehensive care is used at all times by Dr. Dorian Long and his staff. Get the smile that you deserve from a range of advanced dental services.

Properly Care for Your Tooth Restoration

Taking care of your dental restoration is an easy process, and scheduled visits with us will help to maintain your oral health. Our patients can simply floss and brush on a consistent basis. Dental cleanings are also great to include for extending the lifespan of your tooth restoration. Of course, regular eating of extremely hard foods or chewing on ice should be decreased for overall health purposes.

Get a pain-free dental experience that can be achieved in under an hour, if you're searching for tooth restorations near me in Prosper, TX. The decay will be removed via drill, and the hollowed structure will be cleaned. The filling material will be added and hardened to produce the highest quality of results.

We urge all individuals to consult with Dr. Long at Tracey Dental if they're experiencing discomfort. Schedule your next appointment today at Tracey Dental to get the process started.